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thing that could have saved this entire restaurant. >> they did breach the front windows on the front of the building which at that point activated sprinkler system that held the fire to the exterior keeping the fire from advancing through the building. so those sprinklers definitely did significant help with this building. >> reporter: this restaurant is a staple in the bay area known for its use of local organic food, not to mention it's credited with starting the california style of cooking. alice water is well known and works with the first lady and school lunch reform. investigators now are assessing the damage of this restaurant. and firefighters say taking a closer look now it doesn't appear that this restaurant will have to be closed longer than they anticipated originally so that is some good news out of berkeley. >> it's popular. how about an estimate? do they have any idea how much money it takes to fix up the
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front of the place? >> reporter: yeah. i just spoke with the berkeley fire who says it's going to be costly. it's going to cost about 150 to $200,000. >> well, hopefully they can get customers back soon. cate caugiran live for us at chez panisse in berkeley, thanks. a woman has confessed to killing a man inside his san jose home. 70-year-old stanley jacobson was found stabbed to death in his room at hilton manor senior apartments. he was reported missing last month but no one noticed his body until yesterday. he was found under the mattress of his fold-out sofa bed and family said they had searched the apartment before but yesterday the smell helped them find him. >> you didn't smell anything? >> yes, it smelled like garbage and yeah, but he wasn't decaying that much at that point. today you really smelled the decay. >> jacobson's 47-year-old girlfriend regina butler was arrested yesterday after she
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returned to the home. the family thought she was stealing his social security checks. it is moving day for dozens of homeless camping on public property down in the south bay. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec now in san jose where warnings went out several days ago but a lot of people don't want to move. >> reporter: some people are making movements though this morning in advance of the city coming in for a sweep after 72 hours' notice. this is on spring street. we have spoken with that gentleman here who has been here for months. he said that he is planning on heeding the city's warning. but he wanted to enjoy his last 72 hours here. the sweep is expected to begin today but it could be changed. plans could be changed because the ground is pretty muddy from a recent rain. between 100 and 160 people have been living in this homeless encampment near the guadalupe river one of about 60 camps throughout santa clara county but this has been more
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noticeable because it's in the flight path of the san jose international airport. so it's been spotted from the air. it quickly grew after another sweep of a homeless encampment nearby. a lot of folks moved over here. but it's been relatively peaceful here so far. >> police have been really good, the san jose police. we have not had any problems out here, crime going up. usually by the time it gets past dark, everybody goes in, in our community. >> reporter: the city says they will help them find housing and storage of belongings for 90 days. this gentleman says that he has already been offered help but a lot of people just don't want to live within the structure that is required when you go to live in a homeless shelter. as far as the clean-up, it will cost up to $40,000. live in san jose, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you.
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the city of san jose by the way is working to compile a homeless registry. investigators believe a lion escaped his feeding cage before killing a volunteer at an animal park. diana hanson died instantly wednesday when a lion broke her neck at cat haven in dunlap. the lion lifted a gate on the cage while hanson was cleaning the large ever enclosure. she was on the phone with a coworker who could tell something went wrong suddenly. the father said the lion was probably just trying to play with his daughter according to officials at the haven. >> i thought i would get a call like this but further in the future than at 24. >> a sheriff's deputy shot and killed the lion in an effort to save hanson. tears flowed freely in san jose for two fallen heroes. thousands of mourners paid their final respects.
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>> uniformed officers stood in silence outside the hp pavillion to honor the santa cruz police detectives killed in the line of duty last week. inside, loved ones said their heartbreaking good-byes. >> so thank you, daddy, and today celebrate yourself. there's so much to love. >> i miss you so much. we miss you so much. >> santa cruz police sergeant loran "butch" baker, detective elizabeth butler were killed last month while investigating a sexual assault. just a few hours from now, the catholic cardinals are expected to announce a start date for the conclave to elect a replacement for pope benedict. the last of the cardinals arrived at the vatican yesterday. the conclave will likely start
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between monday and wednesday next week. that will allow time for more pre-conclave meetings to further discuss the company's problems and the kind of pope that is needed to solve the problems. lawrence karnow is at the irace speedway in fremont. >> reporter: you can race any racetrack across the country. you can name your car that you want to race. i'm racing an indycar right now and this is really an incredible simulator. you get the feel of what's going on on the tracks. they have lasered all the tracks. you can feel when you crash. you get a neat feel of what the track is all about and what it's like to be a real race car driver. let's talk weather. we have some scattered showers that have tapered off
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overnight. high-def doppler radar showing things settling down now. we very well could see a scattered light shower around the bay area today and into the afternoon. so keep that umbrella handy. we are talking 50s and 60s outside today. today is transitional but after today looks like great weather ahead, lots of sunshine for the weekend. this is great, guys. liz, i'm getting paid to race cars this morning and play videogames. that's a good gig. >> it's a good gig. unfortunately, we have some real crashes out there. we have a problem right now in oakland. so they have not issued a traffic alert. if you are traveling westbound 24 towards college, a big rig lost its load. there is a bunch of debris
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metal rebar and stuff in the road. they are running a traffic break in order to clear the accident with the motorcycle but delays are building out of the caldecott tunnel. westbound 24 approaching college avenue. we'll let you know when it's cleared. there is no traffic alert. we are hearing up to 10 cars on the right-hand shoulder possibly ran over some of that debris in lanes. so that's definitely a problem spot this morning. in the meantime, if you are riding bart right now there's some delays about 15 minutes or so out in the east bay. daly city towards the east bay so going against the commute. muni, caltrain and ace trains one and three are on time. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. a son-in-law of osama bin laden is set to appear in a new york courtroom less than two hours from now. sulaiman abu ghaith is expected to face terror-related charges. the justice department announced yesterday he was
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arrested in jordan last week. abu ghaith is considered a top kite kite operative and served as a spokesman for bin laden. >> he is not a big fish. but he's not a little fish. you know, when you catch these guys, they may lead you to the bigger fish. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham and other republicans are criticizing the obama administration saying abu ghaith should be at guantanamo bay, not in a u.s. federal court. 34 and 8, oh, my god, this is the one. >> striking it rich. a bay area man wins the $33 million jackpot. kpix 5 is there as he claims the prize. >> they know that i don't know how to snowboard. >> i don't think that's what this is about. >> a tahoe resort's ceo teaming up with an olympic skier. johnnie mosley is here to talk about the undercover adventure. more coming up.
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saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. in the california lottery. he bought five dollars worth of n walnut a bay area man has hit the jackpot in the california lottery. he bought $5 worth of quick-pik numbers in walnut creek on wednesday and he is now $33 million richer. the winner, though, wants to stay anonymous. but he spoke exclusively to kpix 5 last night and we found out about his good news before his wife >> reporter: what did your wife think? >> i don't know. she doesn't know yet because i have to go pick her up from her work and she doesn't know yet. she will be very surprised. >> very surprised and very happy. >> i guess so. >> obviously, he could use the money since he lost his job two months ago. by the way, the gas station gets $165,000 for selling that ticket. so they win, too. >> it's funny. he told us before his wife. >> i know. >> i think that would have been the first step.
6:14 am
>> i don't think she will care. >> as long as she gets the check. >> that guy is so cute. i'm sort of in love if he didn't have that whole wife thing. [ laughter ] out of the caldecott tunne, problem spot in oakland. westbound 24, there's a big rig that lost its load. this happened about 5:30 this morning. so westbound 24 approaching college avenue the big rig lost its load and then a motorcycle driver hit the debris. there's a lot of debris on the roads so we decided to launch chopper 5. in the meantime the delays are growing. because they had to run a brief traffic break, they decided to go against issuing a traffic alert. so i think that means they are hoping that they can clear this pretty quickly. in the meantime, significant delays out of the caldecott tunnel towards college. also bart is still recovering after some delays eastbound daly city towards the east bay. and a quick check of the bay bridge where they have turned on the metering lights. so we got some slight delays backing up towards the overcrossings. that's a check of traffic. for more on your forecast, let's go to lawrence.
6:15 am
he is behind the wheel this morning. how are you doing down in fremont, lawrence? >> reporter: speaking of traffic, i have been a little dangerous behind the wheel, to be honest. this is a great place to come down. this is a new state-of-the-art facility, this is the irace center here in fremont where folks can come down, we have 14 different i race pods that you can actually get in here and race. and you can not only race people here but you can actual race people around the country and around the world. you never know who that person who is racing is going to be. >> people can expect to feel the most realistic driving experience you can possibly get without actually being on a real speedway. this is laser-guided tracks that they actually went out and mapped that you can really feel every, single bump on every, single track. >> reporter: it is so well done
6:16 am
that some of the professional racers are using this? >> absolutely. dale earnhardt, jr. is unwith of them. he has one of these pods and uses it for real training for tracks around the country. >> reporter: so you can be sitting here racing and dale earnhardt, jr. might show up. >> reporter: it's possible. >> reporter: fabulous. you know, if you want to enjoy it -- >> we're open today until 9:00. weekends from 11 a.m. to midnight. and then weekdays 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. >> reporter: sounds like a good fun activity. we have been a great time down here. the weather, we have some changes coming up and i think you're going to like it. a lot of clouds outside. hi-def doppler is showing you things quieting down a little bit right now. we had a lot of rain overnight but things settling down still a chance of scattered showers on and off throughout the day today. it looks like things will settle down nicely for the weekend ahead. in fact we are looking at the much warmer temperatures coming up and throughout the weekend as high pressure begins to build in overhead. some of these temperatures especially on sunday probably pushing 70 degrees in the
6:17 am
afternoon. all right. so we have some changes for today. that low going to dive down into southern california bringing a lot of rain down there. we are going to dry things out locally here. that means great weather for the weekend ahead and probably well into the next week. temperatures still going to be cool today. it's going to be brisk and breezy. highs only in the 50s and also the 60s. out over the next 7 days, well, we are going to see some great weather lots of sunshine dry weather for the weekend. and looks like that dry weather is going to last well into next week. maybe even some mid-70s. but yeah, if you want to get that real racing experience, come down here to the new irace center in fremont. it's a great time. and they have a lot of open pods right now. so come on down. that's the latest from here. this is cool, huh? >> that is very cool. and so are the two guys i'm about to talk. the new "undercover boss" needed help they teamed up with two skiers.
6:18 am
congratulations on the gold. thanks for being here. how are you? >> doing great. relaxed now that we are done with undercover boss. >> you're the big ceo. you go undercover at the valley at squaw valley. what was that like and why did you do it? >> well, i did it because i have been the ceo at squaw valley and alpine meadows for 2 1/2 years but there's nothing like mystery shopping your own company and finding out what's going on. in between the capital plans and the strategic plans and delivery of great guest service and a great experience is our staff, critical and central, so this is a great opportunity to them as somebody else, no name tag. >> who were you and what was your disguise? >> my name was david and i was a computer programmer which anybody who knows me knows that i don't know anything about computers. from greeley, colorado. >> and you were a little geeky? >> i wasn't a little bit. i was a lot geeky. i was rocking the full mullet kind of like rush 1984. and moustache. i had a duane allman moustache.
6:19 am
>> sweet. >> johnnie, you know, you're part of the ruse. how do you come into this? mr. reality show? >> the producers were very worried that the targets were going to find out who andy was so me being a ham and being on a reality show, they created a fake reality show and had me be the host and we would go like right in the most busy parts of alpine and squaw and i would cree at a scene. i would interview people and so when they brought the cameras out to do andy's part, everyone just thought, oh, it's mosley doing a reality show. no big deal. par for the course. >> were you recognized? usually some guy like pizza hut will go to some obscure state. >> i have not been a ceo hiding behind my desk. i was worried about my cover being blown. in fact, it was probably the most angst filled moment was being worried about being uncovered. but in this case, the disguise covered me up and the whole thing worked. the five assignments only one
6:20 am
person spied me out. >> one of the assignments i guess you worked with the ski patrol? >> yes. >> mock rescue thing? >> i think we have a clip. let's take a look at that. >> underneath the snow. >> let's go find him, man. he is under, not breathing! he's not breathing, man! [ screaming ] [ laughter ] >> talk to us. first thing you said, look at the hair, huh? >> yeah. no doubt. well, in this case, it was a beacon search and actually i have done those before. check out the -- >> ride into tahoe. >> i lived up there in the '80s. you would fit right in. >> what's key about this is our ski patrolman in this case tucker did a fantastic job teaching me how to use an avalanche beacon and i was able to find the victim, the fake victim of course in just over 6 minutes which was a decent time for a guy who spent a lot of time in the office too much time in the office. >> johny, i guess you had to teach snowboarding, too? >> i do snowboard not a lot.
6:21 am
>> what was that like? >> you know, i haven't seen that part yet because i just did the ruse and i was gone. so you tell. >> the snowboarding was great because we got to work with a group of kids who were cute as a bug's ear and they were terrific kids and had a terrific time with the instructor bennett, on our alpine staff. he did a great job instructing me. so this was to see how well they did in coaching me how to become an instructor. and what's it like? what's the life like? and did a great job. >> tell us, what did you learn about your employees? >> well, i think there was a couple of things. number one is their passion for the place. we talked about this concept of pride by affinity. and as ceo, we talk about that. but it's one thing to speak to it. it's another to know that it's out there on the him. we have over 2300 employees. and in this case, what i saw was everybody's connected to the mission. great service, safety, and creating memorable vacation experiences for people and there's no doubt that our staff
6:22 am
members are on board with that. so proud of what they're associated with. >> when you took off your disguise and said here i am, their reaction? >> shocked! >> i bet. we are going to all find out tonight. you haven't even it yet? >> no. >> you will be watching tonight. you can catch ""undercover boss"" tonight at 8:00 right here on kpix 5. nice job, guys. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> take care. 6:24 now. he was on fire during the world series. could giants closer sergio romo pull off a win in the world baseball classic?
6:23 am
6:24 am
6:25 am
giants closer sergio romo couldn'y seal the deal for the mexicans against italy.. edgar gonzal world baseball classic. >> giants closer sergio romo couldn't seal the deal for the mexicans. it seems weird to see them in that union for but here we go. gonzalez can't handle the rizzo
6:26 am
flyball. two runs come home for the italian. they won 6-5. world baseball classic also giving us the play of the day on this friday. venezuela's marco scutaro up the middle. dominican republic's robinson cano to reyes to first, and that is a nice little flip. sweet. double play. the dominicans won and they are loaded 9-3. they are happy about that. 6:28 right now. time to go. the city of san jose gets ready to evict a major tent city. >> reporter: chez panisse catches fire overnight. we'll show you a look at the damage. coming up.
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we turn into werewolves?
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land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread? right now the fire is
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under control. >> an east bay eatery destroyed overnight. >> when berkeley fire first arrived on scene, they say the entire front part of the restaurant was covered in flames. >> thousands pay their respects to the first santa cruz police officers ever killed in the line of duty. >> daddy, i love you more than you will ever know. >> osama bin laden's son-in-law will appear in federal court today. some lawmakers question the decision to bring abu ghaith to federal court where he will have the same rights as american citizens. >> this man should be in guantanamo bay. >> new details on the deadly lion attack at a central valley animal sanctuary. >> she is going to be missed. i'm so sorry this has happened. >> 22, 34 and 8! oh, my god, this is the one. >> a $33 million mystery man steps forward to claim his jackpot. >> what did your wife thing? >> i don't know. she doesn't know yet. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news
6:31 am
this morning. >> this is really a kick! captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's friday, march 8. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:33. we have breaking news to share. a lot of police activity is going on right now in the city of oakland. the police department tells us that oakland pd has been serving multiple warrants since early this morning. that is still going on with the help of other law enforcement agencies. we are expecting a media briefing later this morning. some developing news in berkeley. a fire guts part of a well- known restaurant on the north side of town. the damage is bad but investigators are not sure of the cause. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live at the scene. >> reporter: investigators are still here on the scene. they have been here for hours. there will be a lot of work to
6:32 am
do. i got an update. it turns out the damage to this restaurant isn't as bad as anticipated. we actually got an up-close look to see how bad it was. take a look. you can see the front part of the restaurant the outside dining area is completely charred but the inside was not affected as much according to firefighters. they got a call around 3:00 this morning. when firefighters got on scene, they say it was just that front part of the building that was covered in flames. the flames caused the sprinklers to go off and berkeley fire says the sprinklers played a key role in keeping this fire at bay. if they had not gone off, the building could have been a complete loss because of the wooden frame and its age. >> it spread up, got through some areas structural openings too that got into the room that's immediately above here. this is like a little dining alcove. it's a sprinkler head right in the center of that that kept the fire from extending into the building. >> reporter: this restaurant is chez panisse. it's well known for its use of
6:33 am
local and organic foods. it's co-owner alice waters is a public figure in the sustainable food movement. currently she works with first lady michelle obama with school lunch reform programs. we understand now she is actually inside chez panisse right now trying to get an idea or looking for -- being escorted by firefighters to get a damage assessment. when i spoke with firefighters this morning, they gave me the cost or estimated cost on this hefty, costing her about $150,000 to $200,000 to get this fixed. live in berkeley, back to you. >> that's a lot of money, cate. we know that chez panisse is a very popular restaurant in that area. any idea how long it's going to take to reopen? >> reporter: well, originally when firefighters first got on scene we spoke with them they said it could be a while. after a closer look, they say because the damage was to the outside dining area, it might not be as long as anticipated. >> thank you, cate caugiran in berkeley. it is 6:35 now. he was missing for a month and now turns out the man has been
6:34 am
murdered, left inside his own home. 70-year-old stanley jacobson found at the hilltop manor senior housing complex in san jose. family says he was a hoarder and they searched his home after he went missing more than a month ago but only yesterday they found his body inside stuffed under the mattress of a foldout sofa bed. his granddaughter suspected the man's girlfriend was stealing his social security checks. she had neighbors watching for the woman to return, which she did yesterday. >> my phone rang three times the office rang three times. we all called 911. i was here within eight minutes. and i chased her down and kept her here until the police came. >> the family says the 47-year- old regina butler has confessed to the killing. it's been called a huge eyesore. now a home also camp near the guadalupe river in san jose is about to be closed. anne
6:35 am
makovec is live where about 100 people have been told to go. >> reporter: the city is sweeping this encampment at spring street and west heading. take a look at one of the makeshift campsites behind me complete with a driveway. you see a man packing as the city has told him to do. even further to the side, you can see a couch, a decent looking couch at that. that is just a sign of how elaborate some of these campsites have become. between 100 and 150 people have been living in this encampment near the guadalupe river. it's one of an estimated 60 camps throughout santa clara county. but this one has gained infamy because it's in the flight path of the san jose airport. so it has been spotted from the air. it grew quickly after another sweep of a homeless encampment nearby. when we talkedwe talked with one camper earlier. >> ideally a nice piece of land somewhere, i guess we are asking for something, but, that
6:36 am
we can put our tents on, possibly a little bit of power, water, dumpster, and most of the people out here -- not everybody, there are some places that have been left nasty. i think most of these people would make an effort to take care of where they live. >> reporter: the city says it will help the homeless find shelters for housing and provide places to store their things for up to 90 days. but the man i spoke with said a lot of people who live here just don't want to move to shelters because of the structured lifestyle they are required to keep at that point. as far as the clean-up, it's estimated to cost anywhere between 20 and $40,000. live in san jose, anne makovec, kpix 5. the city of san jose is working to compile a registry of the homeless and get them help. it's friday. lawrence is out and b he is at i
6:37 am
race in fremont. >> reporter: the good news i don't wreck a real car. it's a great time down here at the irace center in fremont. this is a new virtual simulation of racing. everywhere around the country, you can race all kinds of different cars from indy cars to stock cars, they have them all. i'm racing the sonoma raceway right now. hey, folks, let's talk weather. we have some changes coming our way. today still a lot of clouds outside. it looks like a chance of a scattered light shower. but doppler radar showing you things beginning to settle down out there at this hour but things could pick up again as we head throughout the day today so keep that umbrella handy. you may need it from time to time. still the good news is this is kind of a transitional day as things settle down. temperatures cool into the 30s and 40s. by the afternoon, we'll see those highs up in the 50s and a few 60s but the weekend is going to be something else. but if you want to come down check out the irace center in fremont, it's a great time and a lot of great racing cars.
6:38 am
i'm loving this, liz, it's awesome. >> he just updated his facebook status saying it. >> i have to "like" it. doing weather, driving around the car. not a bad way to get paid for today. looking better in oakland. we have been watching this accident. they never issued a traffic alert and now all lanes are back open westbound 24 approaching college avenue. chopper flew past the scene. everything is now gone. there was an accident involving a big rig an there was debris out there. now, this is a new problem. this is coming down the eastshore freeway at cutting boulevard. there is a traffic alert with carpet in lanes. it caused an accident in the area. now it's stacking up looks like according to our sensors into pinole. i-5 closed, they have snow down south so it's closed both directions at the grapevine. coming up, we'll get a last check of the bay bridge with the metering lights on. we'll see if it's friday night. in the meantime, back to you
6:39 am
guys. in san jose yesterday, a final salute to two fallen heroes. [ taps ] >> a sea of uniformed officers stood in silence outside the hp pavillion all to honor the santa cruz police detectives killed in the line of duty last week. thousands of mourners paid their respects. >> we gather to remember a mother, a partner, an inspiration to all of us. we gather to remember a father, a husband, a mentor and a friend. >> santa cruz police sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler were killed last month while investigating a sexual assault. time now 6:41. coming up a busy week for the city by the bay. >> i guess so. two san francisco mayors are in studio to discuss the bay bridge lights and the city's
6:40 am
big bid for a super bowl. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the early numbers here. so far, it's looking prettied goo. coming up, we'll get an up date from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ce with a check of w hazelnut macchiato please. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. i-race center in fremont. we are at the irace center in fremont a new state-of-the- art racing facility where you can race some of these really cool cars. just like the real race drivers. i want to introduce you to erica montgomery here with us all morning. thanks for getting up early with us. >> my pleasure. i'm excited for the final grand opening today. >> it's quite something else. these really have the look and the feel of racing without having to worry about some of the dangers. >> exactly. no tickets, either. go as fast as you want and
6:44 am
don't have to worry about getting stopped. >> you have the need for speed. we're cranking it up. 200 miles an hour you can get the feel of what it's like to be on a real racetrack. we have 50 tracks and 30 cars to choose from. >> reporter: you get a feel of what it's like to be a race driver. tell us about that. >> these pods are absolutely state-of-the-art. you feel everything from the motion of the seats, bumps, shifting of the gears. it's like a real race car. >> reporter: they are opening up today. they are going to be open how many days a week? >> 7 days a week. >> reporter: so here in fremont if you want to check it out. around the bay area we have changes coming up in the weather. starting to see brakes in the clouds outside. hi-def doppler radar showing you things quieting down, as well. most of that rain starting to
6:45 am
taper off. we're not done yet. >> if you are going in that connection, watch out. it's going to be stormy in southern california. we'll start to clear out your skies and more sunshine on the way this afternoon. it looks like great weather coming our way. winds will be blowing 50s and 60s warmest spots inland. nicer weather is on the way. some temperatures will be in the 70s. it looks like some great weather over the weekend and beginning of next week. so come down and check it out. it's been a great time.
6:46 am
thank you very much for the folks here. >> liz, this is something you should be into. westbound 80 approaching cutting . two or three left lanes blocked there by several cars. we counted about five. a truck dropped a roll of carpet and it caused a chain reaction. a couple of different fender- benders. it looks like an ambulance, fire truck and tow crew on scene. as you can see, they are there working to clear the accident right now. as far as the traffic backup, maybe we can see if chopper can zoom out. the backup is extensive right
6:47 am
now. it extends all the way out towards richmond parkway in pinole. so definitely give yourself extra time right now if you are going to be traveling down the eastshore freeway. westbound 80 is really backed up. to the bay bridge, where actually things look quiet. they turned the metering lights on a little early. but so far, as you can see, there is no big delays getting into san francisco. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. surprise from the labor department this morning. its better-than-expected jobs report. futures are good too. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. a good way to end the week with that better-than-expected report from the labor department. a gain of 236,000 jobs in february. that's the lowest it's been in 4 years. two months revised to a negative net loss of 15,000
6:48 am
but the trend picking up in february is important. especially with the federal budget cuts coming down which economists generally say could take out about a 700,000 jobs out of the economy so we'll take this as improvement. google is laying off 1200 motorola employees. they bought the company last year. they made the purchase for intellectual property rights. joseph kennedy is going to step down from the job a perfect time for transition. the oakland firm reported better-than-expected earnings and stocks are up. dow up by 31 points. nasdaq gaining 4. s&p up by 2. pandora shares up 23%. michelle and frank, back to you. >> thank you, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. a couple of things to get excited about locally. the illuminated art display on the bay bridge and the bid to
6:49 am
bring the super bowl to santa clara. >> let's chat about it. joining us now kpix 5's phil matier this morning, willie brown and ed lee, san francisco mayors past and present. >> whoa, yes, we have quite -- the mount rushmore of san francisco is joining us this morning. [ laughter ] >> like that. >> to talk about a new i con in san francisco. the whole world is watching the new light display and no public money. not all that big. it's the private people that take care of things. >> that's the wonderful part of it. it really is a gift to our bay area, it's a great celebration 25,000 l.e.d. lights. >> opening ceremony in the rain. >> quite the celebration for those who were inside. but it was a celebration for everybody. you wouldn't even notice it was
6:50 am
raining the way those lights were flickering and going on. it was fabulous. >> that is what san francisco is about is attractions like this. when you were mayor, mr. brown, you used to say every 90 days you had to get on the front page of the world or else you felt like you were suffering. mayor lee, are you keeping up with that? >> i'm trying. it's a big shoe to fill. >> no, it's a suit. it's not just shoes with him. the cufflinks, ties. >> i have a question. the lights are supposed to go off at 2 a.m. but every time i drive in, i see the lights. i'm not complaining because i love the display. but they are going on a little longer. >> yeah. i think they are just probably still testing it out and making sure it can automatically be timed well. >> the electricity is only $15 a day. >> they can go a couple of extra
6:51 am
hours. >> we expect to win super bowl l. they don't give it to us, 51 is just as good but we have to get into the rotation and i think we have a great opportunity here. >> what's your prediction? >> well, for sure, the stadium will be finished and you have to play at least two seasons in your stadium before you are eligible for a super bowl and so the drop-dead date for san francisco is clearly 2014 with 35% completed. it looks like they are going to make it. >> okay. my question is, if you can't beat houston and miami, i mean, what are you doing in the
6:52 am
ballpark? i mean, come on, guys. that's going to be the ultimate humiliation. final question. frank? >> i was just saying, we have the lights on the bridge, we have everything. >> which brings me to my final question. when you have to be on the fronted page, it was 30 days. >> keep it going, guys. >> i got the warriors online one. you forgot that. >> thank you, guys. all right. 6:54. fire at a landmark restaurant in berkeley. what may have saved chez panisse from serious damage.
6:53 am
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oakland police are serving warrants across the city this morning.. outside agencies are helping with the crime after all the in the headlines, oakland's police are serving warrants across the city this morning outside agencies helping with a crime sweep after all the warrants have been served we expect police to release more information. a fire broke out overnight at a world famous restaurant chez panisse in berkeley. firefighters found the front part covered in flames around 3:00 this morning. now the outside dining area is charred. but a deputy fire chief says the sprinkler systems says much of the indoor area that means the restaurant won't stay closed for too long. the cause of the fire is under investigation. $150,000 worth of damage. traffic alert approaching cutting boulevard. some of the damage is done. speeds are slow coming out of pinole. it's really backed up from the richmond parkway all the way down. the drive time is still in the red but all lanes are back
6:57 am
open. that's a check of traffic. one more check of weather here is lawrence. >> i'm kind of cruising down the roads right now. we are at the irace center in fremont. checking out the new simulations here and state-of- the-art racing facility the. check it out. the weather is looking good as clouds parted. we are seeing that now as high pressure is going to try and build in toward the weekend. we can still see a lingering shower around the bay area for today. the temperatures a little cool to start out with early on today. the 30s and 40s. by the afternoon, though, highs up in the 50s and the 60s. if you want to race down here, it's between $8 and $50. come down here and check it out. it's a good time. back to you guys. >> i don't think he is coming back. >> i'm glad he is not on the roads driving like that. >> watch out in fremont! [ laughter ] thanks. >> and thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. remember, your next local update is at 7:25. >> "cbs this morning" is coming
6:58 am
up next. have a great weekend. happy friday! captions by: caption colorado ioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday march 8th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." winter is not leaving without a fight. california faces heavy rain while the northeast deals with snow and high waves. plus president obama's campaign manager answers critics of his new fund-raising group. osama bin laden's son-in-law captured and facing justice in new york city. we'll talk to john miller. and only on "cbs this morning," caroline kennedy makes a big announcement in honor of her father's memory. we begin with today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> the winds are like crazy out here. >> you can't sleep. it's stressful. >> this is the most amount of water i've seen since sandy.
6:59 am
>> new england braces for a winter storm surge. >> in massachusetts hours of powerful winds could create waves as high as 20 feet. >> some areas could see more than half foot of snow and wind gusts of 50 miles per hour. >> communities trying to recover from superstorm sandy. >> it's devastating to see the towns go through this all over again. roman catholic cardinal also vote later today on when to start the khan clave, likely monday, tuesday or wednesday. osama bin laden's son-in-law sulaiman abu graib. >> if you think you're going to let you do that you got another thing coming. >> 236,000 jobs in february. justin bieber collapses back stage during his performance in

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